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Takeaways From the Podcast

Takeaways From the Podcast 

I get that you’re disappointed your kids don’t want to eat what you made.  But tears at the table is not a way to fix it.

There’s no guarantee you can make your kid’s eating better. But I guarantee you can make it worse.

We’re trying to give them a good experience with eating at the table and the ability to navigate the world as a picky eater.

The key is that when they leave us, they will have the skills they need to thrive even when we’re not there to make rules for them.

People do not give enough credit to how much those childhood feeding experiences affect us lifelong. It’s so tempting to say, “That happened so long ago, it’s not affecting me anymore.” But the longer ago it happened means the fewer skills you had to deal with it at the time.

We set up stronger boundaries when our boundaries are violated. So we’re actually creating a bigger dilemma when we force someone to eat something they don’t like.

We end up passing things on and we don’t even know why. It’s okay to be the person who breaks the cycle.

Listen to the Podcast HERE.

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