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Welcome To Understanding Nutrition.

Eating Disorder Excellence Starts Here.
Jessica Setnick, MS,RD, CEDRD-S

Dietitians, Medical & Mental Health Professionals

You’ve got the heart but you need the know-how.
I’ve got answers.

Treatment Facilities

High staff turnover and AMAs are clues that patients aren’t getting what they need.
Let’s change the culture for better outcomes.

Comprehensive eating disorder training, updated for today’s issues and packed with the answers you needed yesterday.


Let’s talk over your challenges today so that you can get some sleep tonight.

Speaker & Events

Eating disorder training for four or four thousand, online or on-site. Tough crowd? I’m up for it. College audiences, too.

Speaker Marketing Tools

You’ve got a lot to say. Is anyone listening? Let’s put together your unique speaking platform and get your message out to the world.

Jessica Setnick Testimonials

An amazing public speaker. A great speaker. One in a

Executive Director

Your practical tips and the real life experiences shared in your presentation were simply

Event Planner

Can’t wait to hear Jessica speak! Always love to hear what she brings. – Community Behavioral Health Dietitian Jessica is amazing. A true meeting of talent &

Event Planner

Thank you for being there when I panicked. I listened to you and you made me smile, laugh, and feel like the RD I know I am. I’m so

CEDRD in Private Practice

I find myself hearing your voice in my head often. It’s being put to good use. You really provided me with the training and ability to think through difficult

Eating Disorder Facility Dietitian and Former CEDRD Supervisee
Supervision with Jessica was extremely valuable. Being able to discuss specifics and how recommendations can be both consistent and nuanced was great for dialogue and learning. Jessica is extremely knowledgeable

General Practice Dietitian

I can’t thank you enough for all your help and guidance. It’s been a great journey and I’m so excited to continue in the

Veterans Administration Behavioral Health Dietitian and Former CEDRD Supervisee

Jessica has the gift of teaching. EXCELLENT! Engaging, relatable and funny, but oh so

Non-profit Organization Director

I feel like I hand you a gnarly mess and you send back a neat

CEDRD Supervisor and Former CEDRD Supervisee

Jessica is an excellent public speaker, even in the toughest of

Organization Director

You always give the best advice/feedback.

Eating Disorder Program Nutrition Director
Your overall awesomeness and passion continuously show me what a dietitian can be.  Thank you for always being a support!! Your guidance has gotten me through some difficult times and

College Eating Disorder Dietitian and Former CEDRD Supervisee