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Weight a minute

Preparing Parents For The Weight Loss Conversation

Challenging authority is challenging. If a doctor says your child is overweight AND has a medical problem, I expect they will refer you to a specialist or recommend a treatment. If the treatment they prescribe is once again weight loss, say this...

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On The Weight List

The recent AAP guidelines are hypocritical and contradictory, harmful to children, scientifically unsound, and based on bad medicine. They are embarrassing to good pediatricians and make it clear that organization leadership is biased and out of date

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Same Ship, Different Decade

It’s been a long week. I’m overwhelmed. I feel powerless. I’ve watched the system fail our big kids too many times. I’ve heard doctors focus on the wrong things too many times...

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The Eating Disorder Treatment Meltdown

Like everyone else on Facebook, I recently read Larry Lonero’s post, “What happened to Southwest Airlines?”...

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Eating Disorders Boot Camp Student Nutrition Counseling...

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Sonoma State Star

Jessica Setnick discusses the importance of a positive relationship with food.


Renewed - Eating Disorders Support

Insider Experience: Working in the Field as Recovered Professional


Eating Disorder Hope

Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, CEDRD-S envisions a world where all health professionals know how to help someone with an eating disorder.

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UNC Chapel Hill

Making Food Your Friend Again

Claremont McKenna College

Making Food Your Friend Again

Eating Disorder Hope

Binge Eating Disorder – A Forum Discussion

Eating Disorder Hope

Recognizing and Identifying Anorexia Symptoms

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A Consensus Document On Defnition And Diagnostic Criteria For Orthorexia Nervosa (PDF)
Since the term orthorexia nervosa (ON) was coined from the Greek (ὀρθός, right and ὄρεξις, appetite) in 1997 to describe an obsession with “correct” eating, it has been used worldwide without a consistent definition. Although multiple authors have proposed diagnostic criteria, and many theoretical papers have been published, no consensus definition of ON exists, empirical primary evidence is limited, and ON is not a standardized diagnosis (Download PDF) View at

Journal of Critical Dietetics (PDF) – A survey of Registered Dietitian Nutritionists who provide
care to clients with eating disorders: Implications for education, training and clinical practice. (Download PDF)