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Thank you for encouraging me and all your help – I don’t think it would have been possible without you.

Private Practice CEDRD

I feel like I hand you a gnarly mess and you send back a neat package.

CEDRD Supervisor and Former CEDRD Supervisee

Jessica is an excellent public speaker, even in the toughest of crowds.

Organization Director

As a new dietitian, supervision gave me info to use in the majority of client interactions, and I don’t even work in eating disorders specifically.

New General Practice Dietitian

I appreciate your accessibility and willingness to support me. Tremendous!

Eating Disorder Program Dietitian

I can’t thank you enough for all your help and guidance. It’s been a great journey and I’m so excited to continue in the field.

Veterans Administration Behavioral Health Dietitian and Former CEDRD Supervisee

Jessica makes it look so easy. Best presenter ever.

Community Eating Disorder Advocate

Just had THE best session with my client using the Competent Adult approach. It was really incredible. THANK YOU!

Private Practice Eating Disorder Dietitian

You always give the best advice/feedback. AMAZING

Eating Disorder Program Nutrition Director

Thanks so much for your time on Friday. I felt more relaxed and confident going in to the session and I’m sure that helped with the overall atmosphere in the room. Thank you again!

CEDRD in Private Practice

There have been soooo many times I have felt inadequate as an ED RDN. But today I felt soooo adequate. Had an exchange with a patient that just completely reinforced our supervision from yesterday!


You are amazing. What a gift you gave the students

College professor

An amazing public speaker. A great speaker. One in a million.

Executive Director

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a wonderful support, an inspiration and an ally throughout this process.

College Student Health Dietitian and Former CEDRD Supervisee

As always, you put the complexity of the struggle into practical and relatable words.

Private Practice Eating Disorder Specialist

Her words continue to inspire.

College Health Dietitian and Campus Eating Disorder Team Leader

I am so thankful for your guidance. My patients will surely benefit from your wisdom!

Private Practice Dietitian

You trained at least one and probably both of the dietitians who helped me get well, and it’s amazing to be living my life and in school following in their footsteps. Whatever the issue, Jessica can help. She’s such an idea person.

Eating Disorder Program Marketing Representative

Supervision with Jessica is enjoyable, supportive, creative and very warm. She creates an environment where you feel willing to share your toughest cases and your uncertainties and helps you feel better.


Supervision with Jessica has without question influenced the quality of my work in addition to how to operate my practice. Her consultation on complex cases has continually increased my confidence, too.

Eating Disorder Dietitian transitioning into Private Practice

Your expertise is inspiring and your presence is a joy!

Eating Disorder Recovery Coach

I could sleep last night because of you! Thanks for fitting me in.

Diabetes Dietitian

Always enjoyable! Wealth of knowledge, ability to create metaphors is very helpful. Information can be applied now and with future clients.

New Dietitian in Private Practice

I saw the patient we talked about yesterday and it went really well! Just wanted to say thanks again. I used your “I didn’t love how last appointment went, let’s do it alone for the first half and with your parents second half” and she responded really well.

Pediatric Private Practice RDN

JESSICA! You totally rock!

National Olympic Committee Sports Nutrition Coordinator

That was AMAZING! You seriously rock! Thank you so much for a fabulous presentation, Jessica! We had a record number sign up. You are an amazing public speaker and I have received great feedback! Your practical tips and the real life experiences shared in your presentation were simply wonderful. I really appreciate how you recommended to “advocate for yourself “… I think that is something we all need to hear a little bit more often :). Thank you so much for your expertise. I would definitely recommend Jessica Setnick as a speaker to all age groups, she brings a level of vulnerability and fun that draws in the audience into her own story and passion.

Joyce Zhou, High School Student Event Planner

I feel like our supervision sessions are mini bootcamps!

Pediatric Dietitian

That is the best answer I’ve ever heard to that question

CEDRD Supervisor in Private Practice

Jessica’s amazing in the way she relates to a wide range of people on campus, from students to staff. Her energy, passion and knowledge creates a perfect package

College Health Educator

My client said in session “I just feel like I don’t deserve to eat…” and I was thinking YES I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE READY FOR THIS COMMENT IN MY LIFE! I pulled out all the ACT, opposite action, and “also” statements. What ironic timing. Such a helpful session today thank you again!

Private Practice Eating Disorder Dietitian

I’ve gained a lot of perspective, knowledge and confidence during our supervision time together, thank you!

CEDRD-S Private Practice Dietitian and Supervisor

You’ve really help me stop personalizing things about clients and other professionals.

Eating Disorder Dietitian

Jessica was absolutely amazing! She gave such an informative and engaging workshop and provided the girls in our chapter with her insight, advice and tips!

College Sorority President

Thanks for all the coaching and helping me connect the dots.

Eating Disorder Program Dietitian and Former CEDRD Supervisee

Your overall awesomeness and passion continuously show me what a dietitian can be.  Thank you for always being a support!! Your guidance has gotten me through some difficult times and difficult cases. This process took me on a rollercoaster and you kept me moving and encouraged the whole time.

College Eating Disorder Dietitian and Former CEDRD Supervisee

I’m always so proud to tell people you’re my supervisor. I’m proud to be trained by the very best!

CEDRD Supervisor, Former CEDRD Supervisee

Supervision with Jessica was extremely valuable. Being able to discuss specifics and how recommendations can be both consistent and nuanced was great for dialogue and learning. Jessica is extremely knowledgeable and offers a multitude of learning opportunities, from helpful language shifts to larger picture treatment recommendations. The quality of information provided was impeccable.

General Practice Dietitian

I’m unbelievable grateful for your supervision. You’re wise, calming just when you need to be, and such a great EDRD.

College Student Health Dietitian and Former CEDRD Supervisee

Not many people can teach and make me laugh at the same time.  I love Jessica!! Her ideas are amazing and I’m totally here for all of them.  Jessica is deep, hilarious, soulful, and I want to know WTF she’s talking about next, because I WILL BE THERE! The only thing that could make this training better is for it to be three days long and in Hawaii.

Event Attendee

You’re my superhero.  I can’t tell you how much you’ve given me. I owe my confidence working in this field to you. You’ve built me up and helped me to recognize that saying, “I don’t know” is an appropriate response! I’ve loved having you as my mentor. Thanks for always reminding me that being vulnerable connects people. You’re stuck with me for life!

CEDRD Supervisor and Former CEDRD Supervisee

Can’t wait to hear Jessica speak! Always love to hear what she brings. – Community Behavioral Health Dietitian Jessica is amazing. A true meeting of talent & energy.

Event Planner

Thank you, thank you, thank you for being such a wonderful support, an inspiration and an ally throughout this process.

College Student Health Dietitian and Former CEDRD Supervisee

Talking with you always makes me feel calm, grounded and reaffirmed

CEDRD Supervisor

You absolutely knocked it out of the ballpark and the evaluations reflect that

Event Planner

Jessica’s advice is always practical, on-target, and thought-provoking. Supervision sessions not only help me with the specific issue I bring up, they enable me to make better decisions and provide improved services in general.

CEDRD, specialist in pediatrics

You’ve given me priceless support, encouragement, savvy business guidance and precious friendship

Pediatric Eating Disorder Dietitian

Jessica has the gift of teaching. EXCELLENT! Engaging, relatable and funny, but oh so helpful.

Non-profit Organization Director

The MD sent the ER Charge Nurse my recommendations for acute admission with medical justification and refeeding protocol. I am so pleased to have better patient care. Thank you for letting me text my freakout. I am so thankful for you.

CEDRD in Private Practice

I feel lucky that I get to learn from Jessica and look forward to each session. I use the skills/knowledge I’ve learned just about every day. Using the right metaphor or activity at the right time has been so helpful with clients.

Private Practice Dietitian

Beyond grateful and lucky to be supervised by Jessica. Her schedule is flexible and she takes the time to listen and provide guidance. It never feels rushed which is so nice. I’m more confident in my work and it’s great knowing I have Jessica’s support.

Sports Dietitian

Thank you for being there when I panicked. I listened to you and you made me smile, laugh, and feel like the RD I know I am. I’m so grateful.

CEDRD in Private Practice

I appreciate that I can be human with you!

Eating Disorder Program Director

Bless you smart lady for sharing your brilliance with us all.

Eating Disorder Advocate

I find myself hearing your voice in my head often. It’s being put to good use. You really provided me with the training and ability to think through difficult situations.

Eating Disorder Facility Dietitian and Former CEDRD Supervisee

I wouldn’t be where I am today without the Eating Disorder Clinical Pocket Guide and Jessica as a supervisor.

CEDRD in private practice

I love that Jessica has such a practical, optimistic view. I feel so uplifted after supervision. It just feels good. Thanks for all the help, support and ideas today. I appreciate your expertise, authenticity and all the other things that make you, you! I’m so thankful you are you!! You’ve helped me enormously and I seriously could NOT do what I do without you.

Eating Disorder Dietitian in Private Practice

Your wisdom, energy, insight, compassion and humor were things I looked forward to. You created a safe & brave space to voice concerns and be open and honest about challenges. I could always sense a revitalized energetic shift after speaking with you.

CEDRD and Former Supervisee

Your guidance is always so grounding. Our connection is invaluable to me

Former CEDRD Supervisee, Eating Disorder Dietitian in Private Practice

My favorite part was how you present the information and your passion behind what you do. Everyone was blown away by your knowledge and insight. You’re so personable and authentic that it truly allowed us to feel vulnerable and open. I will frequently reference the handouts and tools. Thanks again so much for the training! It was SUPER valuable with a TON of practical solutions. It’s always the most valuable continuing ed I get! Jessica did an amazing job of being concise, easy to understand and impactful – and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed as much during a presentation!

Event Planner

Jessica was the most popular speaker this year. Everyone enjoyed what she taught. I know I did.

Speaker Coordinator

Learning so much from the first 2 sessions! Still lacking confidence in my abilities with this population but I’m pushing past my fear and moving forward. Thanks for you help!

Certified Intuitive Eating Counselor

Your practical tips and the real life experiences shared in your presentation were simply wonderful.

Event Planner

I’ve learned more about boundaries from you than anyone else in my life.

Private Practice Dietitian

Supervision has helped me trust my clinical judgement MUCH more.


The patient we texted about ended up getting in to the ED MD over the weekend and was hospitalized. I’m so glad that she’s safe and you helped me listen to my gut despite my fears.

CEDRD in Private Practice

Not only did supervision with you help me define my approach, your overall awesomeness and passion continuously show me what a dietitian can be. Thank you Jessica!

CEDRD-S in Private Practice

I always appreciate our calls, but especially so today – I really needed some support and guidance. I have a lot more clarity around how to create a schedule I can manage and confidence in maintaining boundaries. I’m ending my day feeling far less anxiety than I started it with. So, thank you.

CEDRD-S in Private Practice