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Why Jessica Setnick?

From the podium to the conference room, Jessica Setnick is a pioneer of professional education in the eating disorder field.

For over 20 years, her emphasis on practical and effective treatment plus her insistence on patient and family focused care has made her a passionate voice on the international stage.

Now retired from patient care, Jessica’s focus is on advancing the education that non-specialists receive. Emergency medicine, primary care, athletic staff, college health, health educators, school counselors, first responders – these are just some of the groups who desperately need information and training on how to identify, assist and refer those individuals with eating disorders in their populations served. 

She also leads comprehensive private trainings for hospital staff and current eating disorder teams, helping unify treatment, goals, communication, and outcomes. 

What sets Jessica’s trainings apart?

  • Complete and total customization. No canned speeches, no pre-made agenda. Every presentation is created just for you, based on the goals you and Jessica discuss.
  • A focus on solving your biggest headaches. Boundary violations? AMA’s? Food sensitivities? Non-compliance? Jessica doesn’t have an agenda to advance or a program to promote. Her goal is to make life better for you and your patients.
  • Actionable, specific, real-world application. Jessica shares what to do and how to do it. Tools and skills, not lectures.
  • Breadth of experience. Jessica has worked in every level of eating disorder care, in organizations large and small, start-ups and dinosaurs. She’ll never say she’s seen it all, but in 20 years, she’s seen a lot.
  • High energy, humor and personality plus. Jessica believes if you’re laughing, you’re learning. While expressing respect and empathy for everyone in pain, Jessica is able to make serious topics accesible and training hours enjoyable. She brings concepts to life through stories and metaphors, visuals, case examples, role-playing and a presentation style that has been described as a cross between a cheerleader, a stand-up comedian and Katy Perry.
  • No limits. No dilemma too big, no annoyance too small. From annual trainings to CEDS supervision, from program creation to marketing consulting, Jessica has a brilliant mind, a creative outlook and the diligence to find solutions that others might miss.

Get in touch to discuss your training needs. Call Jessica’s office at 214-503-7100, email Jessica directly: [email protected], or complete this Event Request Form.

A  Message from Jessica


You’ve read what other people have to say about me and my presentations. I find it much harder to write about myself. What I can share that will help you know me:


I’m a dietitian who was trained in school to look at the word through anthropologist eyes. I try to understand dysfunctional eating behaviors in all of their forms without making assumptions or generalizations about an individual’s experience.


I’m a natural caregiver who wants to help others to heal and a natural educator who wants to share what I know.


What I believe about eating and disorders:


The way someone eats and the beliefs that they hold can be as crucial to their health as the substance that they eat.


Eating disorders are unhelpfully named by the symptoms that they cause, not the underlying illness. We must treat the underlying illness to provide full recovery.


Treating eating disorders – the diseases – is impossible if we don’t connect with the people who are experiencing them.


The current insurance system that segregates Behavioral coverage from Medical coverage unfairly discriminates against anyone with mental illness, particularly those with eating disorders.


I am an eater, a treater, a researcher and a writer, a speaker, a dietitian, a parent and a teacher. I have worked in this field for 20 years and believe that there is much more we can do. Above all, my greatest skill is the way I present. Let’s work together to make a difference in your organization and the world. Email me or tell me more about your event plans here.

I’m excited to hear from you!


– Jessica