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Let’s connect in 2024

Sharing knowledge in community is my love language, and I’m grateful for the gifts, opportunities, privileges, and people who offer it expression. In the hopes of connecting with you, I’ve compiled a list of where I’ll be presenting the first half of 2024.

Presentations I’m giving:

Speak Up Dietitians! How to Turn What You Do into a Presentation Topic at the Dietitian Growth Summit online January 25-26 & recorded. Includes sessions by other speakers on salary negotiation, mindfulness, self-publishing, time management, and others.

Speaking Outside the Lines: How I Turned Being Myself Into a Dream Career at the Nutrition Entrepreneurs Spring Summit online March 4-7 & recorded. Includes sessions on business-related topics such as creating an online presence and others.

Crucial Aspects of Nutrition in Pediatric Eating Disorders  February 14 online through the University of Alabama Pediatric Nutrition Intensive Course. Thanks to powerhouse dietitian Aida Miles, this is an amazing bargain – $25 for a four-hour mini live online Boot Camp training focusing on the unique needs of professionals working with children with eating disorders. There are other sessions on other dates related to pediatric nutrition, and you can attend all of them for $75 or pick and choose.

Changing the Face of Eating Disorder Dietitians – Highlighting Diversity & Inclusivity as the Keys to Our Future – two different times:

Navigating Eating Disorders as a Sports Dietitian: What to Do, How to Help, When to Refer May 21 in person at the Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians Conference with the fabulous Amy Culp in Kansas City, Missouri.

Places I’ll be:

In addition to KC, I also have plans to be in Philadelphia, Minneapolis, Santa Barbara, and Washington, DC for various reasons, so if you’re based in one of those places, let me know and we’ll cook something up.

If you just miss the sound of my voice (take that internship director who told me I needed to do something about my voice if I wanted to be a speaker) here are two podcasts I’ve visited recently:

Of course, the Eating Disorders Boot Camp is available for instant download any time for you or your entire team. Recent comment from a general service outpatient nutrition director: “One of my team members told me yesterday that she used to be afraid of eating disorder appointments, but since your training her fear is completely gone. WOW!”

If you’ve already done Boot Camp, there’s The Sleepless Dietitian’s Guide Volume One: Advice for the Angst that Keeps You Up at Night ready for immediate download no matter what time insomnia hits, or The Sleepless Dietitian’s Supervision Workshop, a three-hour video of me answering the toughest and most common questions I’m asked in supervision sessions (and includes The Sleepless Dietitian’s Guide as well).

If your next career move is doing more speaking, I’m cooking up something completely new for you. This summer I’ll be hosting a workshop for dietitian speakers who want to make more money. It’s not for beginning speakers who want to hone your speaking skills and calm your stage fright (that will be a different workshop), it’s for dietitians who enjoy speaking and are already doing some, but want (and deserve!) more $$$ for doing it. We’ll be fixing your pricing models, editing your website, clarifying your pitching wording and methods, and practicing your negotiation skills so that that you leave with the exact scripts and sample contracts that will increase your take-home pay. I’m thinking late July here in Dallas, and although I haven’t settled on a date yet, I’m sharing anyway because I’m so excited.

And if none of those is fit for what you need, let’s schedule a consultation by phone or video to discuss whatever specific ideas you need or frustrations you’re experiencing. When it comes to eating disorder care, nutrition counseling, and interpersonal ick, sticky situations are my specialty, and I often have same-day availability when you’re in a tough spot. Click here for rates or email me at [email protected] and let’s get scheduled ASAP. I’m also available for speaker coaching to walk you through a pitch or negotiation if that’s the type of help you need.

Typing this up gave me a ton of things to look forward to! I have a whole other list to share of educational events being put on by others, but I’ll stop here for now and send that out next time.

In friendship and admiration,


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