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The Nudge You Need + Poetic Inspiration

The Image shows a crowded audience from the back with hands raised. The wording says "The Dietitian Speakers Make More Money Program is now accepting applications at"

If you didn’t sign up for the Dietitian Speakers Make More Money Program because you couldn’t make the Dallas workshop, you’re in luck!

The workshop is now August 9-10th and there are 4 spots left.

So far 6 dietitians are on board, including…

  • An established speaker who nearly faints at the idea of asking for money
  • A former actor trying to balance work, parenthood and speaking dreams
  • A brand-new speaker with great reviews but no direction
  • A first-time author with an incredible platform but no marketing plan

Although they’re all completely different, they have these two things in common:

1. They want to make an impact speaking,

2. They need to get paid.

If that sounds like you, why don’t you join us! Those are the only two requirements – you’ll learn everything else along the way. Curious about the program? Details on the Dietitian Speakers Make More Money Program are at, and I’m here to answer any questions.

As with everything I offer, payment plans are available, and only the deposit is due by the launch date, May 1st.

Unsure if you’re ready? Let’s discuss! Email me at [email protected] to schedule a time to talk.

I’m Looking forward to seeing some of you next month in Philly, Kansas City, and Santa Barbara. Till then, ponder this beautiful poem by Becky Hemsley:

Sometimes I hear a really old song on the radio.

And I sing along automatically.

And I realise I know every word,

without thinking.

And it occurs to me that singing those words to myself all those years ago means that my brain can

remember them,

recall them,

and feel them

at any given moment.

Because it has internalised those words without me even realising so that it takes no effort to bring them to the forefront of my mind.

That’s how powerful our brains are.

And it makes me think about the way we speak to ourselves.

See, maybe if we’d learned to internalise

not just song lyrics

but words that told us we were




when we were younger,

we’d be able to recall those words –

those thoughts, those feelings –

at any given moment too.

And maybe we’d have learned to believe them.

Believe that we are




But it’s not too late.

We learn the words to new songs all the time.

Maybe it’s time to start singing from a new song sheet.

One that reminds us how absolutely incredible

and worthy

we really are.

– Becky Hemsley, 2023

Sending friendship and support to anyone who needs a reminder how absolutely incredible and worthy you really are. Jessica

P.S. Free upcoming continuing education:

Treating Co-occurring Disorders in Eating Disorder Populations 5/14

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