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Part 1: Preparing Parents For The Weight Loss Conversation

Part 2: Preparing Parents For The Weight Loss Conversation

Challenging authority is challenging.

Here’s Part two of preparing parents for the weight loss conversation.

If a doctor says your child is overweight AND has a medical problem, I expect they will refer you to a specialist or recommend a treatment.

If the treatment they prescribe is once again weight loss, say this:

Are there any thin children with this medical condition? What treatment do you recommend to them? Because I’m willing to consider that option for my child. Alternately, l’d like a referral to a specialist in that condition.

If the doctor says, no your child doesn’t have a medical condition, but they will if things don’t change, say this:

I have learned that Predicting future problems based on size or weight alone is the definition of fatphobia. We don’t participate in that in our home. If my child’s growth seems abnormal compared to their previous growth, I am open to meeting a dietitian for further investigation. Please make arrangements with my insurance to cover that.

And if the doctor says yes, your child has a medical condition. It’s the medical condition obesity. Simply say:

I believe you’re trying to help, but Diagnosing an obviously healthy child Because they’re bigger than their peers is totally passe, And beneath your dignity. I want a doctor who sees My child as more than a number. Can you be that doctor? Or do we need to go elsewhere.

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