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Jessica Setnick’s Eating Disorders Nutrition Counseling Training Videos

The segments in the video below were originally filmed as part of Jessica Setnick’s Eating Disorders Nutrition Counseling Student Training DVD and are now included in the Eating Disorders Boot Camp Ultimate Training Package.

Please feel free to watch, share with your students, and comment below with additional situations and scenarios you’d like to see when I film new videos this summer.


  1. Barbara Leydecker

    I’ve been looking for information on group nutrition counseling ever since you addressed it in your last book. The internet has completely failed me! I’m hoping to start a group next fall at the university where I work.

    • Jessica Setnick

      Thank you for this suggestion. Can you clarify, are you talking about doing this at meal time? Or talking through it in a session?

  2. Kim

    I work in a behavioral health inpatient hospital, average LOS is 4-7 days. Do you have any videos that might help with identifying patients with ED and then how to approach/encourage follow-up treatment? I worry that many slip through the cracks and don’t get the follow up care they need!

  3. Leslie

    This was very helpful for me to see the different techniques. When I first interviewed an eating disorder patient it seemed like I would never finish all the questions but you made it seem very natural.

  4. Juliet Johnson

    Would love to see some scenarios about how to handle things if the patient is resistant to making changes.

    • Jessica Setnick

      Thank you! I’m curious if you mean resistant to making any changes because it’s someone else’s idea for them to see you, or if they are specifically rejecting the changes you’re recommending.

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