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You’ve got uninvited guests, and they’re watching you eat!

The people you live with, the people who raised you, the middle school mean girl, your first diet coach… you bring them along wherever you go. And they’re messing up your relationship with food.

If you struggle with eating and want to make peace, or if you work with people who do, Healing Your Inner Eater is the perfect next step. It’s a look at lifelong patterns through a wide-angle lens – a way to look back in order to move forward.

It’s a journey of discovery to see how eating habits start, all the way back before you were

born. Come explore the unexpected influencers backseat driving your eating choices so you can take back the wheel and plot your own course. This one of a kind event will draw on your creative thinking, your eating expertise, what you know about your ancestors, and your curiosity… plus you can take the activities back to use with your clients.

This is my new workshop launching this fall… Healing Your Inner Eater, the hands-on event that blends self-care with CEUs and lets you sit in the client seat for a while. That’s right – at Healing Your Inner Eater, you learn new tools to help your clients by using them on yourself!

I did a trial run in 2022 for a private group, and the results were amazing: “Unbelievable! I expected people to get it, but I could almost see the lightbulbs popping above their heads!” – that was the education coordinator. “The level of sharing was incredible. Jessica made it a safe place to go deep and get real.” – that was one of the participants.

If that sounds intriguing, you’ll have two chances to attend Healing Your Inner Eater this fall: St. Louis in September and Idaho in October.

The St. Louis event is currently taking registrations – it’s hosted by Network-ED and is the second day of their first ever conference. You can attend one day or both, and the lineup includes Jenni Schaefer, Tammy Beasley and more.

If you’re closer to Idaho, I’ll have registration details for that event before too long. And if you want to schedule me in your hometown, let’s talk and find a way for me to come right to your door. Reply to this email, or use this link [email protected].

Till then, stay cool and stay in touch – Jessica

P.S. the free CEU offer for reading A Dietitian’s Guide to Professional Speaking is live till the end of June. If you already have the book, click here and use code SPEAKUP to get the CEU packet ($30 value) for no charge at all. Or use code SPEAKOUT here to purchase the e-book for $22 and get the CEU packet included for free!

If you’ve already read the book and want hands-on help making your speaking dreams come true, the Dietitian Speakers Make More Money Coaching Program is closed until January, but the Advanced Speaker Coaching Package is available year-round.

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