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As an active speaker, I like to meet in person as much as possible. Check out my Upcoming Events page to find out when I'll be in your area.

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"We are a tough crowd, and Jessica had us in the palm of her hand!"

“This was great for helping me understand eating disorders. Jessica, so glad you wrote a book because you have so much to share!”

“Excellent speaker with a huge amount of knowledge.”

“Most excellent-thank you! Very helpful! Jessica is a great presenter- very knowledgeable and a great speaker and teacher.”

“This was helpful information and it will be useful for my clients”

“Such an informative and well presented presentation on such a sensitive topic. Loved that she could use humor to really engage the audience. Very glad to be a part of this!”

 “This was the best presentation in the whole conference! Bravo!”

“The presenter was dynamic, passionate, well informed and allowed for questions and comments that helped participants feel this was all pertinent to their personal experience and professional practice.”  


“Jessica, thank you so much for your time with us last night. I loved your enthusiasm and your valuable information you shared!”

Great ways to interact and relate to our clients. Specific strategies that make sense.”

“I am soooooo excited about this presenter.

I loved her presentation at the conference last year. Jessica is so inspiring, I can’t wait to add even more tools to my toolbox!”

“Excellent, charismatic, stimulating speaker. One of the best!”

 “Such a simple concept - you have to know what got you here before you tackle what
comes next.”

 “Jessica’s quick wit makes these serious issues something fun.”

 “Useful and up to date, entertaining and refreshing. Can’t wait to see what she has up
her sleeve next year.”

“Wow! What energy and insight into our profession AND the reality of the ED treatment
environment. Thank you!”

“Will it be possible to get an audio recording for the presentation? Her discussion was excellent and worthy of re-listening to in the future. Excellent!”

“EXCELLENT! Out of the box – I like 'the Mix', Great Job!”

“Great examples (and humor)! Great job.”

“Very informative!! Great presentation! Jessica was fabulous!!!” 

“I really enjoyed this presentation. This is really giving me some insight on a personal level as well as professional.”  

“Exceptional, knowledgeable, presented in a compelling manner!” 

“Excellent rapport with the audience!”

“Your all too brief talk was very inspiring - we were really fortunate to have you
speak to us.”

“Very informative, easy to follow and entertaining.”

“Thank you so much for the presentation. I learned so many things that I didn’t expect to learn today.”

“Very informative, touched on a variety of disorders. Also included very descriptive details. Invaluable information absorbed during seminar.”

“Appreciated her humor and extensive knowledge in this area!”

“Dynamic, informed speaker. Excellent presentation!”

“I liked being informed by someone who was both very qualified and very experienced as well as being humble and respectful of the multiple issues and pathways people with eating disorders may have.”

If you have any questions regarding my availability or a specific topic you would like me to speak on, feel free to contact me or call me at +1 214 503-7100. I am always happy to cook up a special presentation just for your event!

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