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Your Story. Your Food. Your Life. Are You Ready to Take a New Look at Nutrition?


...to change the stories you tell about food?


...to encourage your members to lead with courage?


...to change your community's eating behavior?


...to generate excitement (finally!) about nutrition?


...to leave people thrilled they attended your event?



On the next page, you will read what other people have to say about me and my presentations. I find it much harder to write about myself. What can I share that will help you know me...


I'm a dietitian who knows dysfunctional eating behaviors, in the right context, all make sense.

I'm a caregiver who wants to help others to heal.

I'm an educator who wants to share what I know.

I firmly believe that the way that I eat is as crucial to my health and as important as the substance.


Here is the basis of what I present...


The way each of us eats tells a story - A Food Fairy Tale.


Food Fairy Tales evolve from the stories we heard from our caregivers and friends, society and media, relationships we've had, and our own good and bad experiences with food.

Socialization ingrains some thoughts so deeply into our minds that we genuinely don't realize when we're not making our own decisions.

Dysfunctional eating behaviors all have their root in dysfunctional stories... stories that worked at one time in our past to help us muddle through, but that now, no longer needed, keep us trapped and using food in a way
that makes us sick.

Individuals with eating disorders shine a magnifying glass on behaviors that all of the rest of us do, and the only difference between 'us' and 'them' is genes that make the behaviors extreme. So the same strategies that help
individuals with eating disorders can help all of us rewrite our stories.


Here is the reason WHY I present...


No one can solve a problem with the same mind that created it, so we have to get input from multiple other sources to help shape our thoughts in a different way.

Dietitians have natural gifts for unravelling and 'rewriting' Food Fairy Tales. But the way dietitians are trained pushes away these gifts and makes us think 'professional' equals not being real.

I can teach you how to untangle YOUR stories, your patients' stories, and your children's stories. I can teach you how to look at food and eating in a totally different way.

No one can meet every person who needs help. But the ripple effect means that everyone who needs help can be reached by the wave that starts with one drop. I'll be the drop if you'll be the wave!

As an anthropologist, a dietitian, a parent, an educator, and a survivor, I want to change the way our culture is oriented toward food. I dream of a time when no child will use eating behaviors as a false source of comfort or control, when no teen will feel embarassed about his or her eating,
when adults will be empowered to change their dysfunctional eating and feeding behaviors by understanding the history of their relationships with food.

The key to success is reaching as many individuals as possible, either one-on-one or through education of
primary health care professionals and students. I have pursued this agenda for the past 15 years and look forward to doing more in partnership with you.


Am I qualified? As an eater, a treater, a researcher, and a writer, my best qualification is being able to put all of my education and training together with my experience and be able to convey it in a manner that is interesting, entertaining, enlightening, and educational. I can send
you my book, my resume, and my DVD, but you'll learn the most about my qualifications by reading the endorsements on the next page.





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