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A speaker with amazing insights into our emotional and intellectual relationships with food.

Jessica is the rare mix of clinician and educator who really gets to the heart of our issues with health and weight. Students will be laughing out loud and nodding their heads as Jessica shares remarkable wisdom about our conscious and unconscious relationships with food.

A month before starting school to become a nutritionist, Jessica Setnick came to grips with the fact that she had bulimia. Now after years of working with others who struggle with the same and similar problems, Jessica is ready to tell her story, along with the methods she uses to help herself and her patients stay out of the grip of eating disorders.

Jessica has helped hundreds of people with issues surrounding disordered eating, body image, weight management and healthy choices. Using humor, poignant stories and the latest scientific research, Jessica goes far beyond the basics of body image and eating disorders, and helps students shape their perspectives about nutrition, stress and weight management.

Your students are framing their perceptions about body image, weight management, fitness and healthy eating based on reality television shows and celebrity gossip. Students are talking about these issues, but they are not always getting wise, reasonable, dependable information to combat the misinformation they receive.

Jessica Setnick is an expert on body image and eating disorders who brings a fresh, smart perspective on these issues. She discusses our psychological and physiological relationships to the food we eat, and she shares thoughtful ideas about nutrition every college student should consider.

If you’ve been searching for a speaker on these issues who really “knows her stuff,” then you’ll get excited about Jessica. She engages both the heart and the brain and gets you thinking about these issues in surprising new ways.

With lighthearted lessons on serious subjects, Jessica conveys that the eating and weight problems we face have roots in our past, but the power to change them is very much in our present. She bases her presentations on the latest research into human brain function, decision-making, motivation and personality. These messages in her keynote are what students have been missing in eating disorders and weight management education, and Jessica provides them a solid and holistic understanding for healthier living.

Jessica is the right speaker for any campus concerned with students eating and living well, and appropriate for health and wellness awareness events, mental health and eating disorders education, new student orientation, women’s centers and studies programming, fraternity and sorority life, athletics and student leadership development. Her programs are not gender specific, but can be adjusted that way, if needed.


Making Food Your Friend Again


Advertisers and food corporations expect us to believe the hype when they promote food as “good” and “bad,” “health food” and “junk food,” “fattening” and “lite.” We’re told various opinions about what we should eat, when we should eat it and how much. We’ve become afraid of some foods and over-consume the wrong kinds; we’re obese or dangerously underweight.

We’ve gotten to the point where we aren’t using food correctly at its most basic: to sustain and nourish our bodies when we are actually hungry. Jessica believes that life in college leaves students prone to making bad food decisions or overeating during stressful times. What she believes will help them stay healthy is a solid understanding of nutrition and changing their perspective about food when it comes to mealtimes.

In her rousing keynote, Jessica teaches students how they can navigate the conflicting nutrition information. She gives them simple, thoughtful self-tests to differentiate between hunger and stress. She also addresses why we all may fall prey to the emotionally loaded messages of the food marketing industries and what this may tell us about our natural human instincts to fit in, find approval and survive in a way that has nothing to do with food nor nutrition.

Going beyond food facts and correct portion sizes, students will leave Jessica’s keynote with a healthier perspective about how and when to fit food into their daily routine, to become less vulnerable to adverse marketing messages about nutrition and to use food to satisfy physical needs as opposed to emotional ones.


You Are WHY You Eat

The way you eat tells a story. You started to write it before you were born. You use it every day, either as a weapon or a tool. Know your story and you know yourself; change your story and you change your life.

So begins Jessica’s challenge to students to begin thinking about their relationships with food differently, especially if that relationship is unhealthy and leads to what we have come to understand as eating disorders. She will help them realize that their relationships with food are driven by human nature, personal experiences, things that stress them out and their deepest needs and fears.

Eating disorders are not limited to a few damaged people. They are potentially inside any one of us, because at their core, they are simply a method of coping with stress. Food and stress will intersect throughout college a student’s life: late-night study binges, abundant cafeteria eating that causes the “Freshman 15”, balancing rigorous academic schedules with mealtimes and athletes struggling to maintain competitive weights. Jessica’s keynote breaks down the difference between eating disorders and disordered eating, helping to eradicate stigmas and misunderstanding surrounding anorexia, bulimia and related disorders.

Using the latest research on behavior change and decision-making sciences, Jessica shows students how they might work against themselves when they try to eat for the better. She offers real solutions to help students decode their own eating habits, manage ways in which they are using unhealthy behaviors to manage stress and determine what satisfactions they are really looking for when food becomes a crutch.



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