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You have read what other people have to say about me and my presentations. I find it much harder to write about myself. What I can share that will help you know me:


I'm a dietitian who was trained as an anthropologist. I look at dysfunctional eating behaviors and try to understand their purpose as survival skills if I possibly can. 

I'm a natural caregiver who wants to help others to heal and a natural educator who wants to share what I know.


What I believe about eating and disorders:

The way someone eats and the beliefs that they hold can be as crucial to their health as the substance that they eat.


Eating disorders are unhelpfully named by the symptoms that they cause, not the underlying illness. We must treat the underlying illness to have any hope for recovery.


Treating eating disorders - the disease - is impossible if we don't connect with the people who are experiencing them.


The current insurance system that segregates Behavioral coverage from Medical coverage unfairly discriminates against anyone with mental illness, particularly those with eating disorders.


You can read my qualifications on my CV, of course. How do I answer the question of am I qualified? As an eater, a treater, a researcher, and a writer, my best qualification is being able to put all of my education and training together with my experience and be able to convey it in a manner that is interesting, enlightening, and educational. I can send you my book, my resume, and my DVD, but you'll learn the most about my qualifications by reading the endorsements on the next page.





P.S. - The best reference is a satisfied customer. IF you would like to speak with a previous client, please let me know.



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